Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fingers Crossed

                Teaching for the most part isn't very fun, your constantly on your feet running around and most of the time behind schedule. I was substitute teaching for 4th grade at lower income school the week before Thanksgiving. For the purpose of this story she will be named Mirabelle mainly because this was years ago and names allude me. For that day Mirabelle was the perfect student. Anything I needed help with, she would help me out with. She even spent a part of her recess helping me clean the classroom, this was normal behavior for her. She told me she would do this every day. By far one of the best students I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. During that specific day in November there was a "Turkey Trot." Each class would walk down to the field where the PE teacher was stationed. They would circle the track and the winner would receive a turkey for their family for Thanksgiving. There was a race for the boys and the girls each for every class in the school.
                I had some idea this was going to happen, but while teaching I forgot I was just trying to keep up with the teacher's plans. Mirabelle walks up to me and says cross your fingers. I say ok, and cross my fingers in a confused state. Mirabelle laughs and says no at the Turkey trot I want you to cross your fingers for me. I was touched that she wanted me to be rooting for her. I told her I would cross as many fingers I have available.
                Later the class ended up at the field for the Turkey trot. The boys in our class ran first, I was surprised to see parents out on the field to show up for this event. The boys ran and the winner ran over to me and handed me the paper to hold onto. The boys got in a line to the side. Mirabelle runs up to me and to remind me but I already show her my fingers are crossed. She returns to the track and the whistle blows. The boys had already started to mess around so I started walking toward them and tell them to behave in a stern voice. Also holding lesson plans with crossed fingers is quite awkward and the parents are here. Before I knew it I focused on all these little things that I missed the race. In fact I was so stressed with the boys I had forgotten why my fingers where even crossed.
                Mirabelle walks up to me and casually hands me a piece of paper. Then it dawned on me she won! I stop her as she starts walking away I stop her and ask you won? She replied yah and looked back with a big grin on her face. As a substitute I only see a class for one day out of the year. I have to say that was a pretty awesome day. 

On a side note since I probably won't be posting my art any time soon I was thinking of posting short stories like this. Based on my time teaching, if you liked the story and would like to see more post a comment and let me know.